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brand:cuttoffs   |   wood

CUTTOFFS specializes in the design and manufacturing of wood walls and end grain flooring. The diverse collection of wood wall planks and panels offer a great variety in designs in species and offer a look for any interior. All of Cuttoff's products are designed and manufactured in the USA, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. A wide variety of wood wall coverings are produced using different, naturally colored hardwoods, as well as reclaimed woods with their natural patina. The tongue and groove profile allows for quick and easy installation, which makes it a product for professional trim carpenters, as well as the handy DIY'er. At Asurface we have a team ready to source the perfect products for your next hospitality, commercial or residential project. Click Here to connect with an Asurface team member.

brand: WOW   |   tile
Sneak Peak - Wow's new 2019 Collections

Inspiration for the FEZ Collection came from the Imperial Moroccan city of Fez and its worldwide famous craft skills, considered as an alive cultural treasure. Designed with a traditional approach, Fez combines beauty and practicality, they are suitable for any neat environment. (View Collection Here)

The Cottage Collection embodies the character, warmth and connotations of the Countryside. In fusion with the actual trends, Cottage Collection, evokes picturesque houses full of charms. This unique line and comes in a variety of shapes and colors. (View the full collection Here.)

Perfect transition from dimension to flat surfaces. From a Trapezoidal shape to a minimal surface. To be placed vertical or horizontally to your choice. Allows walls striped with bands of light and shadow. Good bye flat walls! (View Collection Here)

"A touch of tradition" Inspired in the Terrazzo original from Venice XV century. We present you a state of the art product, with embedded glass looking fragments within a porcelain body, visual continuity for a perfect match to any space. Two very different trends: “Color Drops” for those of you fancy and more forward “Natural Drops” for the most classy and elegant choice. (View Collection Here)

Tribute to the artisan Spanish medieval technique. Brush strokes of cobalt blue pigment over a naturally aged white background, where every single piece is unique. Genuine reclaimed look, with the charm of authenticity and alluring ornamental, geometrical and organic motifs . (View Collection Here)

"The beauty of hand crafted clay" Fired bricks have been used since year 3000 BC. With a great variety of styles, each one of them has its own charm: the traditional Roman brick, the iconic London stock brick, the cream city brick from Wisconsin... and so many more, all inspiring to our brick perception. Each one of our bricks, is individually dry pressed in porcelain body, which enables them for interior and exterior use. There are 8 different complementary faces randomly mixed. Beyond durablility, our design oriented view results in contemporary bricks with subtle wood touches, stone textures, classy shaded tonalities. (View Collection Here)

Vividness of colour degrading as an incipient trend. Softening tones for an atemporal aesthetic. Blend of chromatic intensities. Richness of nuances. Dare to upgrade your tone!. (View Collection Here)

Check out all of these collections and more from WOW by clicking here.
brand:realstone systems   |   tile
realstone systems

The Tempered Collection is a revolution in stone and tile. The finest natural stone is tempered with an artists pallet to create the rich look of glazed tile and genuine leather.

brand:exterpark   |   wood

Exterpark Tech installation system with track joists and track clips key advantages: uses only 10% amount of screws & doubles fitting performance.

project spotlight   |   exterior facade
district winery


brand:Cuttoffs   |   wood

Trapezoid by CUTTOFFS is using 5 inch wide half hexagons made from 3 different colors of Reclaimed White Oak. Each piece is cut by hand and then assembled on a plank. The wood is surface sanded, but left unfinished to maintain the natural patina of the wood. CUTTOFFS’ wood walls are nothing like the pressed wood panels in your grandmother’s rumpus room back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The company puts a strong focus on innovative and unique designs and offers modern and rustic options from reclaimed wood planks to a variety of 3 dimensional patterns. Trapezoid is the newest addition to the eclectic wood wall collection by Cuttoffs.

brand:arto   |   tile

Old world hand rubbed edge tile and decos..

Posted on Oct 08, 2018   |   Branding
introducing the new line A|Wood by aproduct

Each look and color in the A|WOOD Urban Park collection has unique characteristics, from light fumed to heavy smoked colors, bi-directional brushing, natural oxidations and hand sculptured. It is constructed on an environmentally friendly engineered base, with a tongue and groove on four sides and beveled eased edges. The special Engineered construction with a 7-ply crossgrain base and an eased bevel on each side.